Evaluation of the Effect of IL-22 on Human Cord Blood CD4+ T Cells


IL-22 is a member of IL-10 cytokine family which is believed to play an important role in inflammatory responses. IL-22 has similarities with IL-10 including conserved sequences with IL-10. IL-22 receptor is also comprised of two chains known as L-22R1 and L-10R2; supporting the speculation that the two cytokines may have similar effects.
The aim of this study was to shed some light on the biological activity of IL-22 upon the cord blood CD4+CD25- T cells. In this research, cord blood T CD4+CD25- cells were cultured in presence of anti CD2/CD3/CD28 coated beads, IL-2 and IL-22 for two weeks at 37 oC and 5% CO2. Flow cytometry analysis showed that IL-22 has no effect upon CD25 and Foxp3 expression.
Also, the results indicated that IL-22 is not involved in CD4+ T cell proliferation. Moreover, the results of suppression assay did not show any suppression effect on the cultured T cells. Thus, it seems that umbilical cord blood T cells probably do not express IL-22R1 on their surface.

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Cord blood Foxp3 IL-22 Regulatory T cells

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