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Effect of Vitamin A Supplementation on Fatigue and Depression in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Double-blind Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial


Decreasing the population and activation of inflammatory T helper cells in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients using vitamin A derivatives (retinoic acids) has been well documented. The present study determined the effect of vitamin A supplementation on psychiatric signs in MS patients. The subjects were 101 relapsing-remitting MS patients enrolled in a placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial. The treatment group was administered 25000 IU/d retinyl palmitate (RP) for 6 months followed by 10000 IU/d RP for another 6 months. The results for baseline characteristics, modified fatigue impact scale and Beck Depression Inventory-II were recorded at the beginning and end of the one-year study. The non-normal distribution data was compared between groups using a nonparametric test and normal distribution data was analyzed using a parametric test. (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifiers: NCT01417273). The results showed significant improvement in the treatment group for fatigue (p=0.004) and depression (p=0.01). Vitamin A supplementation helped during interferon therapy in the treatment process and improved psychiatric outcomes for anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

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