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The Direct Influence of Cytomegalovirus Lysate on the Natural Killer Cell Receptor Repertoire


Natural killer (NK) cells are essential for controlling certain viral infections, including cytomegalovirus (CMV). In particular, the importance of NK cells in the context of CMV infection is underscored by the adaptive capabilities of these cells. Evidence suggests that some viruses can directly interfere with NK cell compartments and their activation and lead to shape-shifting the NK cell receptor repertoire. Still, it remains unknown whether the CMV can interact with NK cells without intermediaries. Here, we examined whether the direct effects of CMV lysate alter phenotypical properties of NK cells.
To investigate this issue, NK cells were isolated from the blood of CMV seropositive healthy donors by negative magnetic separation. Isolated NK cells were cultured in the presence of CMV lysate and analyzed for the expression of NKG2A, NKG2C, and CD57 by FACS caliber.
The results showed that NKG2C expression is significantly upregulated in the presence of CMV lysate compared to without stimulated group (mean increase, 6.65 %; 95% CI, 0.2582 to 13.02; p=0.043; R square: 0.38). Likewise, results have shown a significant decrease in the frequency of NKG2A+CD57- NK cell subsets (p=0.005; 95% CI, -13.49 to -3.151; R square: 0.5957) in the stimulated group compared to without stimulated ones.
According to these results, CMV may drive a direct influence on NK cell receptor repertoire, including the expansion of NK cells expressing NKG2C receptor, which is needed for further studies.

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