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Genotyping of Human Platelet Antigen-1 to -5 and -15 by Polymerase Chain Reaction with Sequence-specific Primers (PCR-SSP) and Real-time PCR in Azeri Blood Donors


Human platelet antigens (HPAs) are glycoproteins on the platelet surface that a single nucleotide mutation in the coding region gene could lead to the variation of different HPA polymorphisms. These antigens have shown variation among different races and may trigger immune responses during blood transfusion and pregnancy. Genotyping of HPAs is useful for managing these reactions and establishing a platelet registry to decrease platelet transfusion reactions. This study aimed to compare allelic and genotype frequencies of human platelet antigens in the Azeri ethnicity by TaqMan Real-time and polymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP) methods.
DNA was extracted from the whole blood of 100 Azeri blood donors in the Ardabil Blood Transfusion Center. Genotyping of HPA-1 to -5 and -15 was performed by TaqMan Real-time PCR, and PCR-SSP and consistency of results were evaluated.
The results of PCR-SSP and TaqMan Real-time PCR showed complete consistency. The allele frequencies were 91.5% and 8.5% for HPA-1a and -1b; 88% and 12% for HPA-2a and -2b; 58% and 42 % for HPA-3a and -3b; 100% for HPA-4a; 91% and 9% for HPA-5a and -5b; 56.5% and 43.5% for HPA-15a and -15b alleles.
Not incompatibility was detected in HPAs genotyping by PCR-SSP and TaqMan Real-time PCR so that real-time PCR can be used as a robust and quick method for HPA genotyping. We found differences between Azeri blood donors and previously reported HPAs alleles’ frequency in other ethnicities in the country. This fact highlights the need for a platelet registry to recruit platelet donors from different ethnicities and increase the number of donors by using faster methods.

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