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Assessment of Carotid Artery Distensibility and Elasticity in Patients with Asthma

Carotid Atherosclerosis and Asthma


As asthma and atherosclerosis have similar pathophysiological mechanisms and risk factors, asthmatic patients may have an increased risk of atherosclerosis. This study aimed to determine the possibility of a higher risk of atherosclerosis in asthma patients compared with healthy controls by measuring carotid elasticity and distensibility.
This was a cross-sectional study on 326 participants including 221 patients (129 [58.37%] females) with persistent asthma, aged 46.47±11.58 years, body mass index (BMI) of 29.74±3.99, and 105 healthy control subjects (60 [57.14%] females) aged 46.08±11.35 years, and BMI of 29.42±3.76. Of the 221 patients with asthma, 75 (33.93%) had mild, 74 (33.48%) had moderate and 72 (32.57%) had severe asthma. The carotid distensibility and elasticity were recorded and compared in both patients and control groups.
There was no statistically significant difference between the patients and healthy control groups in terms of age, BMI and gender (p=0.775, p=0.482, and p=0.834, respectively). A statistically significant difference was determined between the patient and control groups in respect of both distensibility and elasticity (10.93±1.64 vs. 11.5±1.31, p=0.002 and 0.21±0.03 vs. 0.22±0.04, p=0.001, respectively). Statistically significant differences were determined between the control group and the asthma subgroups in respect of distensibility and elasticity (p<0.001, for both comparisons). The results showed that the difference was mainly due to the patients with severe asthma.
Carotid distensibility and elasticity were decreased in asthmatic patients, and the main reason for this decrease was the patients in the severe asthma group. These results may suggest that the risk of subclinical carotid atherosclerosis is increased in patients with asthma, especially those with severe asthma

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