Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 2017. 16(4):307-312.

Decreased Sensitization to Aeroallergens among Southwestern Iranian Male Farmers
Mozhgan Moghtaderi, Mona Torab Jahromi, Shirin Farjadian, Payam Ghassemi, Saeed Hosseini Teshnizi


Farmers are usually exposed to various inhaled allergens like pollens, mites, molds, and animal dander in their working environment which may lead to allergic rhinitis, asthma and urticaria. The purpose of this study was to identify sensitization to various aeroallergens in farmers and their occupational allergy symptoms. This cross sectional study included 103 male farmers and 100 non-farmer healthy controls. The work-related symptoms of farmers were recorded with a questionnaire. Spirometry and skin prick tests with 15 commercial allergen extracts were performed in both farmers and controls. The rate of sensitization to at least one of the applied aeroallergens was 47.6% in farmers compared to 65% in the control group (OR=0.48; CI 95%, 1.08 to 2.07) according to skin prick tests, after adjusting for age. Occupational allergy symptoms were reported by 54.3% farmers. Mean FEV1/FVC was significantly lower in farmers than in controls (p<0.001). The results of this study showed that farmers had no increased risk of sensitization to aeroallergens. Sensitization to pollens was more prevalent than to mites among the farmers in our study and smoking was an important predisposing factor in farmers who suffered from occupational allergy symptoms.


Farmers; Lung function; Mite; Pollen; Skin test; Workplace

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